Electric vehicle

British Gas to Supply Charging Points for Renault

British Gas will be the preferred supplier of vehicle charging points for Renault’s new range of zero emission fully-electric vans and cars in the UK. British Gas previously announced a similar agreement for Nissan’s electric car. Industry experts estimate that by 2012 British Gas will be the preferred supplier for 70 percent of the electric vehicle market.

Denmark Embraces the Smart Grid

Denmark has quietly become one of the world’s smart grid leaders. With nearly twice the variable energy on the grid than any other country, Denmark has developed the prototype for a flexible, intelligent electricity system, thanks to the work of Danish technology companies, investors, system integrators, utilities, and researchers. Denmark currently integrates 34 percent renewables into the grid.

Electric Cars – Where’s the Money

The recently held Intellect Transport and Smart Grid conference focussed on Electric Vehicles.   Nearly all of the world’s car manufacturers are attempting to develop a cost effective and performance enhanced electric vehicle, but there are some obvious stumbling blocks that need to be overcome before these vehicles become the norm on our roads.


Ontario Prepares to Launch Smart Grid

Ontario close to bringing its first smart grid to fruition since all homes and businesses already have smart meters and General Electric is building a $40 million smart grid innovation center in the province. Canada’s first electric vehicles will be available beginning in Q3 2011, and utilities are preparing for the transition.

Ontario Smart Grid Forum Releases Second Report

The latest policy driver document from the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, Modernizing Ontario’s Electricity System: Next Steps, says the North American power system is aging and in need of upgrading renewal.  The current electric grid was only designed for one-way delivery of power from large generators to consumers.

Texas Utility Inaugurates EV Charging Stations

The first eVgo network charging location for electric vehicles is now available in the Dallas area, courtesy of Texas Utility (TXU), which says the reality of EVs presents a significant savings opportunity for drivers across the state. This is one of 70 charging locations to be installed in Dallas-Fort Worth and 50 in Houston by the end of 2012, with half in place by this summer.

HomeGrid Forum Reports Smart Grid Standards Breakthrough

The HomeGrid Forum has announced that the G.hnem standard has entered the final stages of approval at the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The global G.hnem standard is for low frequency (9-500 KHz) power line communications (PLC) for smart meters, energy management systems, electric vehicle communications, control, and home automation.

Keeping the smart grid simple

There are two prerequisites for the smart grid: a smart meter to accurately measure information on energy usage at the point of delivery, and consumer tools to control energy consumption. Yet rather than combining the two in a single device, it makes more sense to separate them.

Plogg Monitors Appliances in the Home

Energy Optimizers Limited’s (EOL) Web-enabled metering device, the plogg, has enabled researchers to evaluate monitoring solutions for individual appliances and electronic devices to improve energy efficiency in the home and across the electricity grid. The plogg is used in research and field trials offering access to accurate and high resolution at the data capture level.

Baltimore Introduces Public Electric Vehicles Charging Station

Gates Bozzuto Group has announced two SemaConnect electric vehicles charging stations in Fitzgerald Apartments, Maryland’s first public electric car charging stations. The charging stations are part of a new, mixed-use development affiliated with the University of Baltimore that is poised to become the largest LEED-certified apartment community in the Baltimore area.