Electric car

British Gas Presents Electric and Solar Powered Cars

Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Transport, has unveiled British Gas’ new fully electric and solar powered cars—two Nissan LEAFs that will be used by staff at offices in Staines and Windsor. Both sites have solar-powered charging canopies, which will supply enough renewable electricity to cover the cars’ fuel needs.The announcement comes as British Gas stated its goal to have 1,000 electric vans being used by British Gas heating engineers by 2015, beginning with 25 next year.

British Gas to Supply Charging Points for Renault

British Gas will be the preferred supplier of vehicle charging points for Renault’s new range of zero emission fully-electric vans and cars in the UK. British Gas previously announced a similar agreement for Nissan’s electric car. Industry experts estimate that by 2012 British Gas will be the preferred supplier for 70 percent of the electric vehicle market.

Electric Cars – Where’s the Money

The recently held Intellect Transport and Smart Grid conference focussed on Electric Vehicles.   Nearly all of the world’s car manufacturers are attempting to develop a cost effective and performance enhanced electric vehicle, but there are some obvious stumbling blocks that need to be overcome before these vehicles become the norm on our roads.


POD Point Announces First Fast-Charger For the Home.

POD Point says the home charge unit it is launching in September will give EV drivers more control over charging their electric cars. The POD Point Home is the UK’s first domestic fast-charge solution, charging EVs two and a half times quicker than then using a normal home socket. POD Point already has extensive experience in providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure with their public POD Points which are installed nationwide.


Tesla to Start U.S. Production in California

Buoyed by a $50-million investment from Toyota, Tesla Motors Inc., announced it will start making electric cars in 2011 at a recently closed plant in Northern California. Palo Alto-based
Tesla has set up shop at a factory that Toyota and General Motors Co. used to operate in Fremont, California.

Nation-E Launches First Mobile Charging Station

Green energy company Nation-E AG, has announced its first mobile charging solution for electric cars: NationMobile Angel Car. Developed as a solution to “range anxiety,” the system targets electric cars stranded on the road because of depleted resources and offers drivers a way to charge their electric car should it run out of power.