Digi International

Digi Helps E2America Reduce Customers’ Power Consumption

Digi International today announced that Efficient Energy America (E2America) is using its iDigi Device Cloud, ConnectPort X4 gateways and XBee ZB ZigBee modules to wirelessly enable the E2 intelligent commercial building control system.  E2America’s Smart Grid efficiency technology currently reduces energy consumption and demand by optimizing HVAC efficiency, which saves customers approximately $7,000-$8,000 per site.

PowerDash Employs Digis ConnectPort X2 Smart Energy Wireless Gateway

PowerDash has selected Digi International’s ConnectPort X2 Smart Energy wireless gateway and iDigi Device Cloud to connect its energy performance monitoring solutions to Smart Energy devices for residential solar installations. In addition, it is using the ConnectPort X4 for commercial and industrial solar power installations to connect a broad range of production, metering, and sensing equipment.

QualityLogic Certifies Interoperability with Itron Smart Metering Solutions

Digi’s ERT/Ethernet Gateway has successfully completed testing as part of the Itron ChoiceConnect ERT Receiver Logo Program and is the first product to receive logo certification. Under the program, QualityLogic tests the compatibility between Itron’s ChoiceConnect meter messages and devices from vendors who have licensed Itron reading technology, certifying interoperability.

Digi Extends Partnership with GroundedPower

Under a newly announced partnership, GroundedPower’s Interactive Customer Engagement System (iCES) has been fully integrated with the Digi X-Grid to connect consumers’ home energy devices. The Digi X-Grid is an “Extended Grid” that enables real-time, IP-based monitoring and control of home energy devices beyond the electric meter. The GroundedPower iCES system is an interactive application that gives consumers a better understanding of their power use and the cost of energy.