Customer service

Cleveland, Ohio, Selects Elster Water Meters

Cleveland’s Division of Water has selected Elster AMCO Water C700 meters to be included in its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project, which will begin deploying the meters in Q3 with a projected completion date in 2013. The city plans to install 100,000 C700 meters and utilize retrofit kits for 51,000 existing Elster meters in its service area.

Webinar Focuses on Gaining Consumer Support

Research has shown that a minority of consumers have a working knowledge and understanding of smart grids, smart meters, and energy efficiency programs. It is an information divide that power utilities must address along with educating consumers how to take advantage of energy efficiency and conservation programs that can lower their rates while also lowering operating costs for the utilities.

Convergys to Showcase Smart CIS Solutions at CS Week

At the upcoming CS Week, relationship management specialist Convergys Corporation will showcase its Smart Customer Installation Support solutions, featuring its next generation billing and customer care solutions for the utility and energy markets. In addition, two speakers from Convergys will share their expertise on technology and discuss how the Smart Grid is changing the customer interaction dynamic for utilities. The conference takes place in Nashville on May 25-28.

Oncor Names Chief Customer Officer

Oncor has named Brenda Jackson Chief Customer Officer, becoming one of the first electric delivery utilities in the United States to establish the position. But in light of consumer concerns over smart meters, the need for developing customer service strategies is vital.

Elster Certified by CFE

Mexico’s state power company, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), has successfully integrated Elster’s EnergyAxis Management System with CFE’s customer information and billing systems. According to Elster, the two-way integration allows CFE “to automate its data collection process, detect non-technical losses, improve customer service and execute remote disconnections more quickly and cost effectively.” Elster is the first AMI provider to receive a Certificate of Compliance from CFE.