Experts Discuss Hurdles to Adopting Smart Energy Usage

The Smart Energy Panel held last week at the Freescale Technology Forum asked participants what they thought the biggest hurdle was to smart energy efficiency. Freescale’s senior vice president, Henri Richard, believes that energy efficiency can be improved by giving people the opportunity to help without having to expend a lot of time or effort.

Expanded SandC Europe Services Team Offers Solutions for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration

S&C Electric Company, a global leader in smart grids and renewable energy integration, today announced an expansion of its UK-based Power Systems Services operation.  Three new engineers have joined S&C’s European team, bringing with them a combined 50 years worth of experience in utility transmission and distribution systems, smart grids, and renewable energy integration.  This latest expansion continues the growth of S&C’s European support operations, which accelerated with the formation of S&C Europe LLC in 2008.
The new engineers will perform analytical studies to understand power delivery issues ranging from reliability problems to renewable energy interconnection issues.  S&C’s Power Systems Services team will then apply these findings to deliver detailed, comprehensive recommendations designed to improve the reliability, stability, and efficiency of the power system.

British Gas Finds Consumers Lagging on Energy Efficiency

New consumer research from British Gas found that more than eight million have not lowered their heating settings since January 2011. The utility also found that only 21 percent of the population is planning to make any energy efficiency improvements, missing out on the opportunity to save up to £322 a year from energy efficiency measures.

ECF proposes path for 80 percent GHG reduction by 2050

A recently released study by the European Climate Foundation (ECF) shows how the EU can achieve an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. The report determined that decarbonization of the energy sector is vital to achieving such an ambitious goal. Decarbonizing the energy sector would in turn have “knock-on effects” in both road transport and buildings.

Ontario residents are using less energy

Conservation efforts, including have led to Ontario residents requiring less energy, according to a report released today.  Ontario is the most populous province in Canada.  Once smart meters come fully online with variable electricity rates, the province should have no problem meeting its long-term energy conservation goals. Peter Love, chief energy officer at the Ontario…

Ontario energy officer calls to hire conservation staff

Peter, Love, the chief energy conservation officer for the Canadian province of Ontario, is stressing that all businesses, colleges, universities, and municipalities need to hire staff to research the best methods for reducing demand for power.  However, Love says that this is not a mandate. “It’s not regulatory.  You don’t have to do it, but…

Pennsylvania moving ahead with smart meter rollout

On February 12 the state legislative arm of Pennsylvania took a step forward in implementing an energy conservation strategy designed to curb an inevitable spike in energy costs.  Energy consumers will also be granted the freedom to choose from a variety of pricing plans under the new scheme. The state House of Representatives bill, which…

The State of Electricity in the State of Pennsylvania

During the year that has passed since Ed Rendall, American governor of Pennsylvania, announced plans outlining his Energy Independence Strategy (EIS) with its long-term goals towards promoting energy conservation and renewable energy sources.  However, the state’s General Assembly, the representative arm of state government, has not enacted much of the plan. Notwithstanding the environmental impact…