Climate change

Getting smarter about supplying electricity

This month’s final print edition of Ecos – Australia’s longest running magazine on science and sustainability – features expert commentary on the drivers of rising household electricity bills identified in the recently released eighth update to Professor Ross Garnaut’s Climate Change Review for the Australian Government.

Professor Garnaut’s recommendations in his Transforming the Electricity Sector report, underscore the value of CSIRO’s research on the ‘future grid’.

Nick Clegg Addresses Strategy for the Greenest Government Ever

In a speech at the Climate Change Capital in London, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg discussed climate change and the green economy, detailing how the Coalition will meet its ambition to be the greenest government ever.

Government Departments Combine Power and Heat System

The Leeds Quarry House, where the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Department of Health (DH) are located, is having a combined heat and power system (CHP) installed, provided through a collaboration by GSH Group, ENER-G, and Telereal Trillium. The installation is expected to save the government agencies around £90,000 per year and reduce annual carbon emissions by more than 430 tonnes.

Smart Meters – Are They Really The Future?

Energy providers are now working flat out to meet tight DECC deadlines and install Smart Meters across the UK. But the key to their success will not be which type of Smart Meter boxes they install, but how they handle the mountain of data unleashed by these sophisticated devices and use this valuable information to help change customer behaviour and meet our green targets. Paul Fitzgerald, Sales & Marketing Director  from industry expert Junifer Systems explains how ‘smart’ analysis tools will be the key driver for Smart Meter success.