PG&E Supported Proposition 16 Defeated

Proposition 16, a California ballot measure backed by utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric was defeated in the state’s elections held Tuesday. PG&E spent an estimated $46 million promoting the measure that would have blocked local governments from establishing their own municipal utilities.

ClipperCreek Charge Stations Debut

ClipperCreek has begun delivery of the only UL listed, fully SAE compliant charging stations on the market. The ClipperCreek CS-40 charge stations, which have a 30 Amp charge rate, have been tested and meet the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC625) and SAE-J1772, a North American standard for electrical connectors for EV’s maintained by the Society of Automotive Engineers,. The CS-40 units also include a universal standard electronic interface and connector, making the CS-40 compatible with all major automaker electric vehicles, including Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion BEV and all EV vehicles coming from major automakers.

Emeter a hit with utilities

San Mateo, California-based eMeter has spent years researching and developing software that gives utility companies the ability to view where and when electricity is being used, and at what levels, in order to better manage their power grid.  With this newfound ability, power providers are able to forecast demand much more efficiently and can avoid…

Battle over Smart Meters in California

In California, a proposal is being considered that would call for new thermostats in California households to be equipped with smart meter technology allowing utilities remote access to the thermostat.  However, concern has been expressed over the utility companies’ essentially controlling people’s room temperatures.  Not only does the proposal call for all new buildings be…

California Leads the Way for US

California leads the way for the US to become more environmentally friendly with smart metering technology.  While the rest of the country has heard very little of smart meters, California has moved forward in making the technology available to energy customers.  California energy supplier Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has promised to have the meters…