Accenture Appoints Two New Executives

Accenture has named Paul Daugherty chief technology architect and Gavin Michael chief technology innovation officer. Both executives will report to Kevin Campbell, group chief executive of Technology. The appointments become effective July 1.

Consumers Willing to Buy Power from Non-Traditional Sources

According to new research by Accenture, a majority of consumers would consider buying electricity from companies other than traditional energy utilities. Revealing the Values of the New Energy Consumer polled 10,199 people in 18 countries and found that 73 percent would consider buying electricity, energy efficiency products, and related services from companies other than traditional energy providers such as product retailers, cable or phone companies, and online sites or brands.

Should Utilities Hand Over The Management Of Smart Meters

There is a debate at the moment as to the ability of the Utility companies to manage the roll out and continued management of Smart Meter technologies, it is clear that they have the technical skills, but the question is do they have the customer service skills to pull it off?

SGCC Adds New Affiliate Members

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) announced the addition of nine new affiliate members including the Future of Privacy Forum, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, the Demand Response Smart Grid Coalition, the Texas Office of Public Counsel, and the United Consumer Advocacy Network.

Webinar Focuses on Gaining Consumer Support

Research has shown that a minority of consumers have a working knowledge and understanding of smart grids, smart meters, and energy efficiency programs. It is an information divide that power utilities must address along with educating consumers how to take advantage of energy efficiency and conservation programs that can lower their rates while also lowering operating costs for the utilities.