ABB Software Selected by CenterPoint Energy

ABB has been commissioned by the CenterPoint Energy Service Company for the latest Service Suite mobile workforce management (MWFM) software from Ventyx and for the FocalPoint business intelligence solution from Obvient, both companies being recent ABB acquisitions.

ABB Financed High Voltage Plant Breaks Ground

ABB is investing $90 in a new high-voltage cable manufacturing plant in Huntersville, North Carolina.  The facility will supply high-voltage and extra high-voltage smart-grid compliant transmission cables to carry electric power underground. The cables, for use in both AC and DC applications, will help strengthen America’s energy infrastructure and enable power from renewable resources, like wind and solar, to reach homes and businesses.

ABB Debuts New Wireless Sensors

ABB has debuted GridSync wireless sensors which provides high accuracy current, voltage and frequency information in real time for Smart Grid applications, including Volt Var Control (VVC), Demand Response, and Load Monitoring. GridSynch’s technology combines sensors and wireless communications to enable utilities to increase grid visibility and efficiency through VoltVar Optimization (VVO).