SmartSynch and Verizon Offer Residential CDMA Smart Grid Solution

SmartSynch and Verizon Offer Residential CDMA Smart Grid Solution

Since the introduction of its first SmartMeter™ in 2000, Smartsynch has been the leading provider of smart grid solutions utilizing cellular networks. The company’s smart grid solutions have full certification for securely delivering smart grid data on Verizon’s network, resulting in easier, quicker, more scalable and strategic smart meter deployments.

According to Stephen Johnston, SmartSynch’s chief executive officer, “The communications network is the backbone of any smart metering or smart grid initiative, and until now, utilities preferring CDMA wireless communications have been largely on their own. Now that cellular network technology has become cost- competitive, it’s hard to envision a utility choosing a more complex, costly and slower proprietary alternative. Only cellular networks offer the bandwidth needed to support today’s smart grid functionality and future applications that will inevitably surface as smart grid technology rapidly evolves.”

SmartSynch develops smart grids for the utility industry. They are the only company that offers open standards, IP-to-the-endpoint smart grid solutions with a cellular network as the main means of communications.  Their client list includes 130 major North American utilities.

SmartSynch’s IP-based solutions can deliver grid intelligence to and from all types of devices. Products and services they offer include SmartMeters™ and SmartBoxes™ that immediately make the grid IP-enabled, network management services, and software solutions.

With IP-based cellular networks, utilities can rapidly and strategically deploy more secure and scalable smart grid solutions with minimal expenditure of capital. IP networks and solutions are built on standards and utilize existing programs; therefore, they can be remotely upgraded to interface with new technologies.

Verizon Communications Inc. has its headquarter in New York, and it is a worldwide leader in providing broadband and other wireline and wireless communications services to business, mass market, wholesale, and government customers. The company has over 92 million customers nationwide. Verizon also offers converged communications, business solutions and information and entertainment services.

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