SmartMeters 101

Are Smart Meters Safe?

A question that has sparked much debate over the past 2 years.  First we need point out that the concerns expressed are to do with Wireless Smart Meters, these are meters that use Wireless technologies such as WiFi, Cellular(mobile phone) and other transmissions over the airwaves to transmit and receive data from the Utility Companies.


What is the Importance of Smart Technologies?

The purpose of smart technologies is to help us use available resources in a better way. With the help of these technologies, we can lessen the impact of our activities on the environment and reduce living expenses. One smart energy technology that can help us reduce our bills and stress on the environment is the Smart Grid. This grid consists of an array of “enabling technologies,” such sensors, meters, integrated communications systems, and storage devices.

How Smart Meters Work?

Smart meters have a digital display and are similar in size to regular meters. Various types and models of smart meters are available, but all of them have the same basic functionality. Using a communications network, the internal antenna present in smart meters sends electricity consumption data to the utility. An external antenna may be required in some cases for improving signals over longer distances and ensuring reliable data transmission. This antenna can be attached on or near the meter box.

What is a smart grid?

What is the Smart Grid?

The Smart Grid is the roadmap for enhancing the infrastructure of every segment of the energy delivery system. This includes generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.

The Smart Grid provides the automation necessary to manage energy resources by improving usage, minimizing waste and delivering real-time information to both providers and consumers. It requires a modern infrastructure, one that maximizes inflow and distribution of energy and is economical to operate and maintain. This does not exist today.

What are Smart Meters?

The term smart meter usually refers to electric meters which keep detailed statistics on usage, but it can be used for gas or water meter as well performing the same job. Additionally, a lot of smart meters can also perform telemetering, in which they interface remotely with the utility. Several nations are using smart meter technology through their utilities, and many manufacturers of meters offer smart meters containing different features.