Smart TV Sales Advance

Smart TV Sales Advance

Industry research indicates that sales of smart TVs in 2014 will account for more than half of the television market for the first time, and reach 82 percent of sales within five years.

Jack Wetherill, Futuresource Consulting’s senior market analyst, notes, “Although the industry spotlight is focused upon ultra high definition (UHD) and curved screens, smart TV continues to permeate the market as a value added feature, and user interface (UI) refinements like voice and gesture recognition, tile-driven navigation and device mirroring have substantial consumer appeal at point of sale as part of a premium set proposition.”

There will also be increasing demand for 4K format televisions sets, with sales expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 72 percent between now and 2018.

Research analyst David Tett reports that 4K adoption “is forecast to grow quickly from 2015 onwards with over 100 million shipments projected in 2018, representing 38 per cent of the total TV market. An indication that 4K is quickly becoming mainstream was the availability of many sets at discounted prices during last month’s Black Friday.”

Experts anticipate that sales of 4K TVs will tend toward the larger screen sizes of 50-plus inches in the short-term but eventually screens below 40 inches will become more widely available in the coming years. Even though 4K specific content remains limited, many consumers are buying the televisions now so they can upscale HD content and be prepared for when native 4K content is more widely available.

Tett adds: “The migration to larger screens is expected to continue partly aided by 4K, as the benefits of the higher resolution are easier to see in the larger screen sizes.” If there is a down side, he says, is that, “There is some concern amongst the content community that owners of such sets will be disappointed when they do eventually receive a regular native 4K source, perhaps unable to perceive the improvement that they had hoped for versus 1080p.”

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