Smart meter installation in progress in Finland

Smart meter installation in progress in Finland

Smarteq, a company based in Stockholm, is a leading developer of wireless transmission technology.  Recently, Smarteq made its first delivery of antennas to Helsinki Energy where they will become part of the infrastructure for 120,000 smart meters that are to be installed in the area.

The first phase of the project is due for completion by 2010 when all smart meters will be in place.  The smart meters are being supplied by Aidon Oy, a Finnish company and Swedish firm Tritech is supplying the wireless communications platform.  Helen Sahkoverkko Oy is the parent company of Helsinki Energy which is overseeing the entire effort.
Once phase I is complete, about half of the customers in the Helsinki metropolitan area will have been upgraded from traditional meters to the technologically advanced smart meters.  Once installed, Helsinki Energy employees will be able to take usage readings remotely.

Petteri Hainanen, Director of Marketing at Aidon Oy, said: “Our goal is to offer our customers, the utility companies, technical solutions that increase customer service, rationalize work-processes, and increase the efficiency of management of the meters.”

“Our goal is to improve our customer service and rationalize our processes and the maintenance of the meters,” said Mika Nousiainen, Metering Manager at Helen Sahkoverkko Oy.  “The entire information flow chain must operate quickly and reliably from meters to data systems.”

Aidon Oy is a smart technology innovator specializing in the development of smart meters and AMR (automatic meter reading) systems.  Aidon Oy aims to transform the Nordic energy markets into a market with a sustainable future.  Aidon’s smart meters, based upon an open-architecture for easy scalability and upgrades, met all of Helsinki Energy’s requirements for the smart meter project.

“Helen Sahkoverkko Oy’s decision to select a new-generation AMM (automatic meter management) system sets a clear trend for the entire industry.  Increasingly smaller life cycle costs are required from the systems, as well as new functionalities which serve the network company’s processes,” explained Hainanen.

Aidon’s position is further solidified as an AMM market leader in the Nordic region.  The meters are able to transmit information by using routing cables or by radio frequency.  The system in Helsinki will operate over radio frequencies utilizing a communications solution from Tritech.

Lars Ericson, CEO at Smarteq, added: “This is a breakthrough for Smarteq as we now seriously enter the Finnish market.  Again, we gain recognition for providing antennas and know-how of the highest quality on the international market.”

Smarteq AB specializes in developing wireless transmission systems and antennas for mobile communications systems, the automotive industry, and for M2M (machine to machine) communications.  M2M communications, including the needs of smart grids, is a market currently undergoing rapid development for Smarteq.

Tritech’s communications solution, called MeshNet, will work in conjunction with Aidon’s smart meters and the antennas supplied by Smarteq.  MeshNET utilizes small, low-power radio transmitters based on the ZigBee platform that transfer information from the smart meters to centralized data collection centers.

“The deal with Helen Sahkoverkko Oy is an international breakthrough for our MeshNET solution,” said MeshNet Manager Thomas Jonsson.  “It also confirms our belief that this is a solution with significant competitive advantages.  The simplicity, openness and flexibility put together mean that our solution can offer a competitive total cost for purchase, installation and maintenance that is less than half of what any of the other solutions on the market can offer.”

Smarteq Wireless AB
Box 4064
182 04
Enebyberg, Sweden

Helsinki Energy
00090 HELEN

Helen Sähköverkko Oy
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Aidon Oy
Kivääritehtaankatu 8 C

PO Box 1094
SE-172 22
Sundbyberg, Sweden

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