Smart Homes Drive Smart Meter Acceptance

Smart Homes Drive Smart Meter Acceptance

David Taylor, Telefónica Digital UK’s managing director of machine to machine (M2M0, says, The lessons from smart meter roll outs in other countries is that you have to bring consumers with you so they want to have these devices installed in their homes. The government understands this and is creating a Central Delivery Body to take on this task. What our research shows is that in order to secure broad consumer support for smart meters it is important to communicate both the rational benefits – potential cost savings, carbon reduction – and also paint a compelling vision of the near term future, with the smart home providing consumers with a range of connected devices and services.”

Helen Rowley of Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest social network for parents, observes, “For most parents, the promise of moderate savings from installing a smart meter is helpful, but the real appeal lies in time-saving activities, like being able to come home to a pre-heated oven. The smart home vision brings the benefits of smart meters to life.”

Telefónica’s Taylor adds: “The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is aware of the opportunities and concerns around smart metering and our report suggests that the measures it is putting in place around privacy and security through the creation of an independent Data Communications Company is the right approach.”

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