Silver Spring Enhances DR Portfolio

Silver Spring Enhances DR Portfolio

Matt Smith, Silver Spring Networks’ senior director of utility solutions, says the company’s open standards-based IPv6 network “creates a continuous connection between utilities and their customers enabling innovative strategies for energy management and control. With deep adoption of our network and some of the greatest customer engagement success stories in the market, this latest extension of Silver Spring’s demand response portfolio will now offer utilities even more ways to empower their customers, grow program participation rates, and more precisely manage load.”

Silver Spring’s expanded DR portfolio is designed to help consumers reduce bills and actively manage energy consumption, regardless of their location, and whether or not they have access to residential broadband.

The CustomerIQ Thermostat App includes both web interfaces and a mobile app that provides users with smart thermostat status and remote control capabilities. The app, which can work with any ZigBee Smart Energy Protocol device, is available for iOS and Android devices. Also, according to Silver Spring, the Demand Optimizer 1.1 “introduces enhanced big-data analytics along with support for additional protocols and devices, allowing for fully automated two-way demand response over the smart grid or the Internet.”

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) senior demand side specialist Craig Sherman says, “We know our customers want to engage in ways that can help them save money and energy. Silver Spring’s multi-application smart grid network is enabling us to offer our customers a range of smart grid-based demand response programs, helping us increase participation and satisfaction of SMUD customers.”

Dan Giovanni, Hawaiian Electric Company’s senior vice president of operations, adds: “Silver Spring’s smart grid DR solution and new Demand Optimizer software will help further the use of demand-side resources to improve service and integrate more low-cost renewable energy to reduce Hawaii’s dependency on expensive imported oil.”


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