Sensus in Saskatchewan AMI Project

Sensus in Saskatchewan AMI Project

Sensus president Randy Bays says, “Our customers at SaskPower and SaskEnergy were looking for a flexible and secure platform that would support their continued growth. Our technologies will help them reach their environmental goals while delivering improved operational performance and savings from day one.”

The Sensus network will be the foundation for multiple applications such as meter reading and billing and a two-way radio module upgrade to existing natural gas meters. According to Sensus, “The automatic readings will save them $1.7 million in fuel and other vehicle related costs per year and reduce their carbon emissions by 1,500 tons, which is equal to removing 375 vehicles from the road.”

The Sensus FlexNet system is an interoperable infrastructure platform based on open standards and supports multiple applications. All data is protected and secured in local SaskPower data centers. Battery-powered electronic modules will let SaskEnergy record usage on a daily basis so monthly bills will be based on actual usage instead of estimates.

The project was initiated in October in Regina, the provincial capital, and will continue throughout the province through the summer of 2015. SaskPower estimates that the system will pay for itself in a little over a decade; SaskEnergy estimates the cost recovery for its portion of the project will take seven to 10 years.



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