Security Still Seen as Major Concern

Security Still Seen as Major Concern

The 2014 Smart Grid Cybersecurity Survey conducted Zpryme polled 111 energy executives. The research was sponsored by SMART Modular Technologies, which develops and deploys current and next-generation memory products.

The executive survey also revealed that 38 percent of respondents believe that government standards are the best way to remedy smart grid security concerns. The biggest concern

in regards to smart grid security is outages, which conversely are considered the most severe consequence of a potential security breach at a utility.

Thirty percent of executives believe that distribution automation will yield the largest amount of investment over the next year.

Scott Emley, vice president and general manager of integrated memory solutions at SMART Modular says, “While significant advancements have been made over the past decade to support energy availability and continuity, the results of our survey confirm the industry’s next big investment focus should be security, data integrity and reliability of smart grid systems. The challenge is upon the entire smart grid ecosystem, from suppliers to OEMs to utility companies to regulators and even to consumers, to embrace a concerted security direction and efficiently protect these advancements.”

Zpryme chief executive officer and director of research adds: “With cyber security and the smart grid increasingly becoming more dependent on one another, the failure to address security risks across the grid will have major repercussions.”

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