S&C, Green States Energy Team on Solar Farm

S&C, Green States Energy Team on Solar Farm

S&C Electric Company is partnering with Green States Energy (GSE) on an $11 million project to design and build a 3.6 MW solar photovoltaic farm in Devens, Massachusetts. This will be the third facility built by S&C for GSE and will connect to the grid via a standardized electrical system scheme.

According to S&C, the interconnection substation includes an integrated switching and control solution based on the company’s System VI Switchgear. “The complete solution eliminates the need for a separate control house in the substation and associated civil works, and use of standardized designs will also reduce engineering and installation costs for the substation.”

The System VI Switchgear has already been approved by Massachusetts transmission system operators.

Dan Girard, S&C’s director of business development, renewable energy, and energy storage explains, “The standardized solution we’re providing not only reduces upfront costs, it also helps shorten the timeframe required to engineer and build a renewable energy plant. By getting the plant into service sooner, the owners will realize higher near-term revenues and accelerate returns on investment. We have a proven track record of anticipating and managing risks to the project schedule to ensure in-service dates are met.”

S&C recently completed two other projects for GSE: a 2.5 MW solar farm in Roswell, New Mexico and a 4.1 MW solar farm in Sandwich, Massachusetts. S&C has committed to provide engineering, procurement, and project management services for both the AC and DC portions of the project.

Girard adds: “Meeting utility interconnection requirements is critical to meeting project in-service dates. S&C has worked with utilities for over 100 years and has a strong understanding of their interconnection requirements. We have leveraged this expertise to develop solutions that meet grid codes and ensure a smooth, predictable development schedule for plant owners.”

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