Opower Commits to Transparency

Opower Commits to Transparency

According to the Principles, “We strive to work with our utility partners to give you as much access as possible to information about your energy use. For this reason we allow you to create, monitor, and modify your profile to be sure that we are providing you with the most transparent and useful insights…We do not sell or rent names or other personally identifiable information. We will never let another company use energy usage data that identifies you in any way without your permission to do so…We are committed to deleting all personally identifiable energy use data that we don’t need to provide our service and measure its results.”

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Opower, Dan Yates, says, “We know that privacy and security are important and we want to assure everyone—utilities, customers, and other stakeholders—that we deserve their trust with sensitive data. Our goal is to help families take control of their home energy consumption. We believe customers have a right to know the details of how they use energy and how they can save, and it is our responsibility to protect the security and privacy of that information.”

Opower has developed a patent-pending analytics engine that it reports “delivers easy-to-understand home energy reports with targeted energy usage data and personalized efficiency tips for each customer’s household.” Energy usage information enables Opower to give families context on how their energy use compares to their neighbors’.

Yates adds: “Opower is getting ahead of the game by committing itself to standards that go beyond what the laws require to protect client information. We welcome other businesses in this industry to join the conversation and join us in taking these kinds of proactive steps.”

Opower provides energy information software and its platform enables utilities to provide targeted energy data and advice to each customer. For more information, visit www.opower.com.

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