NRGi Chooses eMeter Data Management

NRGi Chooses eMeter Data Management

NRGi Project manager, Poul Berthelsen, notes, “We chose eMeter for their platform’s flexibility, scalability and proven success with their utility customers. We believe the strength of eMeter’s platform and its history of successful deployments makes them one of the very few meter data management companies who can fully take advantage of existing rich partner channels and enable NRGi to deliver our data-driven Smart Grid vision.”

NRGi says its platform shift to eMeter EnergyIP will facilitate their smart meter deployment goals this year by “providing control and monitoring of low-voltage networks for improved customer service and enabling end-to-end smart grid tariffs for distributed energy production. Additional applications that could be implemented on the platform include demand response, load quality, phase balance, and network aggregation.”

Carlo Lazar, Eltel Networks’ Division Director of Smart Metering, says, “Denmark is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe for smart metering systems and NRGi is committed to being at the forefront of that growth. Eltel and eMeter are delivering the tools for NRGi to deliver not only increased efficiency but also information-driven services for its customers. We look forward to many more implementations with eMeter as we see continued smart metering momentum in Europe.”

eMeter EnergyIP delivers event-driven information and automation in real-time to integrate utility operations and manage the smart grid and enables electric, gas and water utilities to achieve the full benefits of their AMI and Smart Grid initiatives.

eMeter chief executive officer and president Gay Bloom adds: “We are happy to welcome NRGi as our most recent customer. NRGi is the latest European utility harnessing information to ensure delivery and consumption of reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible energy.”

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