NIST Updating Smart Grid Roadmap

NIST Updating Smart Grid Roadmap

According to the NIST announcement, “This new document builds on two previously released Frameworks and Roadmaps, and incorporates advances in smart grid infrastructure, such as widespread deployment of wireless-communication power meters, the availability of customer energy usage data through the Green Button initiative, and remote sensing for determining real-time transmission and distribution status. Release 3.0 also includes protocols for electric vehicle charging.”

The new document builds updates the February 2012 Framework Release 2.0, which outlined NIST’s plan to transform the United States’ electric power system into an interoperable smart grid network that integrates information and communication technologies with the power-delivery infrastructure.

NIST’s smart grid program office director Chris Greer says, “There have been many remarkable advances in smart grid infrastructure since the release of the last edition. By 2015, nearly a third of the 144 million meters in the U.S. will be smart meters. Through the Green Button effort, more than 45 electricity suppliers nationwide have committed to providing 59 million homes and businesses with access to their energy usage data. This new edition embraces this remarkable progress and provides a foundation for working together for the smart grid of the future.”

New elements addressed in the revision include international smart grid activities, revised guidelines for cyber-security, advances in testing and certification frameworks, and identifying smart grid research and development needs.

NIST’s Paul Boynton adds: “We worked closely with the European Union to harmonize the NIST conceptual model with the one the EU is developing. We want both models to reflect each other, which is important so that manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic will be able to sell devices overseas.”

NIST is planning to host a webinar to present the new draft framework to the public on May 2, 2014. Attendance information is available at

The Framework 3.0 document is posted to the Federal Register at and will be open for public comment until Friday, May 30.

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