Japan, UK Reaffirm Commitment to Clean Energy

Japan, UK Reaffirm Commitment to Clean Energy

Davey notes, “The UK and Japan both recognise the importance of investing in a diverse and clean energy mix in order to ensure a competitive economy, long-term security of supply and avoid dangerous climate change. I hugely value our partnership with Japan and am pleased to continue to work together to secure a global climate change deal in 2015 and support the global transition to a low carbon economy.”

During their meeting Davey and Prime Minister Abe also discussed other areas of energy collaboration. For example, according to the DECC, “Both countries believe that nuclear energy provides a consistent and affordable source of energy, and has a key role to play in the future low carbon energy mix. The UK and Japan are working together with other G7 partners to enhance energy resilience worldwide, through promoting a diverse, low carbon energy mix and integrated energy markets.”

The pols issued a joint statement that read in part:

“We share the view that without ambitious national and international action, climate change represents an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to current and future generations and the planet…The UK and Japan wish to promote mutual cooperation both in the public and private sectors…We will continue to maximise the opportunities for UK–Japan commercial partnerships in low carbon goods and services, a sector now worth $5 trillion globally and growing at almost 4 percent a year.”

The statement adds: “We will continue to work closely on international climate change and energy security issues including through the UK–Japan Energy Dialogue. We will, furthermore, increase the scope for further cooperation and information sharing on policies on energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart communities,…and energy storage. In addition, our diplomatic missions will support companies to exhibit their new low carbon energy technology.”

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