Honeywell, Stor Launch ADR Initiative

Honeywell, Stor Launch ADR Initiative

Under the program, Stor Generation will pay facility owners to lower consumption when the demand for power begins to outpace what power plants and renewable resources can produce. Honeywell will work with these organizations to implement automated demand response (ADR).

Stor Generation reports that it will use Honeywell’s Akuacom software as a service (SaaS) and offer “to connect with the participating facilities and communicate when it is necessary to reduce energy use…and then aggregate and provide the resulting reserves to National Grid for its Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) initiative.”

STOR and related programs help maintain grid stability to compensate for spikes in consumption and when renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are unable to supply the necessary power.

This initiative marks the first use of ADR technology in the National Grid’s U.K. and European territories. And Stor Generation is the first energy aggregator in the region to use ADR to reduce grid stress. In the past, customers were asked to use back-up diesel generators.

Jeremy Eaton, vice president of Honeywell smart grid solutions says. “The technology required to avoid a megawatt of consumption costs a fraction of that needed to pump out an additional megawatt. From a cost-benefit standpoint, ADR is the most prudent option for reducing energy use and is the most clean, sustainable path to energy reliability.”

Stor Generation chief executive officer Azad Camyab adds: “Honeywell’s solution enables us to offer clients a new source of revenue, with little or no impact on a building’s operation or occupants. It also provides clients with near real-time visualization of energy consumption and gives them the ability to reduce costs by offering site load flexibility. We’re delighted with the partnership and look forward to working with Honeywell to maximize value for our clients.”



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