HECO to Deploy Smart Meters on Oahu

HECO to Deploy Smart Meters on Oahu

Dan Giovanni, Hawaiian Electric senior vice president for operations says, “We’re continuing to modernize the electric system to provide a solid foundation for our community’s energy future. Our state needs modern electric grids to further improve service, provide customers with more choices, and integrate more low-cost renewable energy to reduce Hawaii’s dependency on expensive imported oil.”

Heco’s customers will also have access to a customized web portal where they can find updates about their energy usage. The information is intended to help consumers make more informed decisions about their power consumption.

In an effort to provide additional long-term benefits, Hawaiian Electric is evaluating future applications including automated detection of power outages; integration of new technologies, such as energy storage; and support for other energy saving technology, such as the continued increase of electric vehicles. Hawaiian Electric is collaborating with other organizations including Blue Planet Foundation to help educate customers.

Blue Planet Foundation chief executive officer Jeff Mikulina notes, “A smart grid is essential to achieving Hawaii’s clean energy future. As Hawaii generates more and more green electrons, we need modern infrastructure that’s capable of moving them around efficiently and reliably. This grid modernization has been a priority for Blue Planet and we are eager to support Hawaiian Electric as they take this major step in the right direction.”

Silver Spring Networks is a strategic partner in HECO’s effort to modernize Hawaii’s electric systems. Chairman, president and CEO Scott Lang adds: “We’re proud to partner with Hawaiian Electric on one of the country’s most thoughtful and well planned smart grid programs. By implementing an intelligent network that can enable multiple solutions, Hawaiian Electric is making the right business investments to provide its customers cleaner energy, greater savings, and the ability to better manage their energy use today.”


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