GE Provides Saas in Oklahoma

GE Provides Saas in Oklahoma

The addition of this technology will enable Skiatook to respond to changing energy dynamics via a cohesive network, modern meters and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for its utility grids. The system provided by GE can be accessed by a utility company for a monthly subscription fee making a modernized grid accessible for utilities of all sizes.

Skiatook city manager Dan Yancey explains, “The agreement between the city of Skiatook and GE will allow the city to provide state-of-the-art utility billing, monitoring and outage detection services to the citizens and business community of Skiatook in the most cost-effective and reliable manner. The system will strategically place the city light-years ahead of where we were months ago and set the stage for future opportunities.”

GE will provide Skiatook with a pre-integrated package of features including electric and water meter services for the city’s AMI, prepaid electric billing, and a consumer Web portal. The package includes services such as outage detection, asset monitoring, and support for Skiatook’s utility grid for the first 10 years of service.

Todd Jackson, GE’s Digital Energy business product line leader of software solutions adds: “The pre-integrated services included in GE’s SaaS offering provide cities like Skiatook with the reliability and efficiency needed to meet growing electrical and water distribution challenges. Thanks to the subscription-based and cloud-based design, GE helps position utilities and their customers to make more informed decisions regarding their energy usage.”

Skiatook’s deal with GE is the first SaaS project in the state of Oklahoma.


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