ESB to Collaborate on Smart Energy Project

ESB to Collaborate on Smart Energy Project

The funding, earmarked to explore how future Internet technologies can be applied to advance smart energy systems, was awarded following a competitive process with other EU states. The Irish partners were selected on the basis of the potential savings their projects could deliver to consumers across the European Union.

Pat Rabbitte TD, the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, says the project “highlights Ireland’s leadership in the area of smart networks and demonstrates the potential for Irish innovations to be used to deliver savings and achieve sustainability targets across Europe. It also shows how through collaboration between academia and industry, we can attract funding to Ireland to create high value research posts and develop future commercial opportunities. The Irish trials will use the state-of-the-art technology provided by the Exemplar network, demonstrating the importance of this network as a test bed to advance telecoms research in Ireland.”

ESB chief executive Pat O’Doherty notes, “As future internet technologies emerge, there are opportunities to create far smarter and more efficient energy systems. Through this project, we are combining ESB’s expertise in electricity and telecommunications with the latest internet innovations to develop sustainable and cost efficient solutions that will benefit all European citizens and the environment.”

According to ESB, the partners will develop a power network “where all sub-stations are connected to one another at the speed of light. This will overcome the data bottlenecks associated with traditional networks, allowing critical time-sensitive electricity network control information to be delivered alongside vast quantities of data from other applications, such as smart-metering.”

John Dunne, Intune’s co-founder and chief technology officer adds: “Smart Electricity Grids are a critical element of Europe’s Energy 2020 policy and a valuable export opportunity. Intune’s new distributed networking innovations solve some of these key challenges and this important trial will pave the way towards meeting Regional and European Energy policies.”

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