E.ON Testing Home Energy Management in Trial

E.ON Testing Home Energy Management in Trial

The homes are being fitted with a number of Internet-connected technologies. E.ON reports that participants will be able to “control lighting throughout their homes at the touch of a button via a mobile device and simply activate an ‘out’ smart control to turn off all the lights in their home when they go out, rather than having to go from room to room.” Smart controls also enable residents to set lights to come on automatically at dusk and go off at dawn.

The trial homes are equipped with technologies based on Greenwave Reality’s Home2Cloud platform, which includes home energy management systems that monitor electricity and gas consumption by using smart meters and smart plugs.

Simon Church, E.ON’s delivery manager for the Thinking Energy project, says, “We’re dedicated to driving innovation to help our customers control their energy use and use no more energy than they need and ground breaking technology is playing a key role in achieving this. Nearly two-thirds of people in our trial view their Home Energy Management technologies as a necessary part of their life and this is just the beginning. With the advancements around the ‘Internet of Things,’ we’ll continue to develop technology which is focused on what our customers want and need to gain greater visibility into and control of their energy use.”

Milton Keynes Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member David Hopkins, responsible for Economic Development and Enterprise, said: “This project is crucial in enabling people in Milton Keynes to use their energy smartly and significantly cut their associated costs. In times where people are managing on tight budgets and reducing the carbon footprint is a priority, this is clearly a ‘win-win’ situation.”

The Thinking Energy trial will through the summer of 2015.


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