Echelon Teams with Kapsch Smart Energy

Echelon Teams with Kapsch Smart Energy

Michael Anderson, Echelon senior vice president of Worldwide Markets, says: “We are excited to partner with Kapsch on this opportunity and proud to supply Feldkirch with proven, reliable and feature rich smart meters, and we applaud their leadership position in modernizing the grid. Echelon’s smart metering solution satisfies both existing regulatory and business demands, but it also provides customers insight so they can better manage their energy usage and offer a path to meet future requirements and programs in the Austrian market.”

Feldkirch was the first city in Austria to adopt smart metering. Kapsch reports it operates not only the meters but also the “network infrastructure, the central control and analysis system, and the energy consumption information for the end customer portal, where households and businesses can view their power consumption in order to individually optimize their power use.”

In addition to helping individual users lower their energy costs, the solutions provide new possibilities for energy suppliers.

Stadtwerke Feldkirch project director Karlheinz Kresser adds: “I was pleasantly surprised that integrating the meters was practically plug-and-play from our perspective. Thanks to the mature solution, the system optimally fulfills our smart metering requirements.”

Kapsch and Echelon have met the statutory and data privacy requirements of the Austrian smart meter ordinances, including encrypting communications at 128 bits, the same security precautions taken in online banking.

Kapsch Smart chief executive officer Christian Schober adds: “The concepts of smart metering and smart grids are still relatively young. From the beginning, Kapsch has focused not only on the technical aspects but also on the legal and organizational factors. With international partners like Echelon, we also bring experiences from other countries into smart energy projects. With its multi-application platform based on open standards, Echelon has the best-established solution in the world. This partnership further secures our lead in this market segment. The strengths of Kapsch Smart Energy and Echelon complement each other optimally.”

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