Echelon Introduces New SoC

Echelon Introduces New SoC

Although wireless communications dominate in consumer settings, industrial environments still rely heavily on wired communications.

Echelon chairman and CEO Ron Sege notes, “With almost a billion devices currently connected to control networks in industrial settings, application designers are seeking an effective, safe and simple migration path to the IIoT. Echelon’s IzoT platform and new FT 6050 SoC let companies build IIoT solutions that interoperate with existing devices while also supporting new IP-enabled ones—which reduces their SKU counts, broadens application support and lets them get their products to market more quickly and safely.”

Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights & Strategy says, “The IIoT is drawing attention and investment from major technology providers throughout the industry.” He called Echelon’s technology “crucial for turning the promise of the IIoT into tangible, transformative solutions.”

Varun Nagaraj, Echelon’s senior vice president and general manager for Internet of Things adds: “Echelon’s IzoT-enabled FT 6050 chip will make it easier and more cost-effective for both existing and new industrial devices to join the burgeoning IIoT—while providing industrial-grade reliability and the maturity of proven industrial control networking protocols such as LonWorks. The FT 6050 is designed to provide a better wired alternative than either RS-485 or Ethernet for industrial applications that can benefit from IP enablement. Quite simply, the FT 6050 is the best chip for IP-based multi-drop wired industrial communications.”



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