Duke Energy Honored for Wind Power Innovation

Duke Energy Honored for Wind Power Innovation

According to Duke Energy, “The project’s 36-megawatt (MW) advanced lead acid battery helps smooth the naturally variable output from Notrees 153-MW Wind Power Project. By storing energy generated by the wind farm, the project can respond quickly to regulate frequency and provide ancillary services for grid management.”

Duke Energy is the largest electric power holding company in the United States and serves more than seven million electric customers across six states in the Southeast and Midwest. In recent years Duke has developed a growing profile of renewable energy assets in the United States. The Notrees project has been in operation since late 2012. The utility matched a $22 million Department of Energy grant to develop the project. Xtreme Power, which is also based in Texas, designed and installed the battery.

Jeff Gates, Duke Energy’s managing director of its commercial transmission business and lead developer on the project notes: “Incorporating energy storage will make the electric industry more efficient. This project has proven the technology can be deployed at commercial scale – and the flexibility and speed of response has provided tremendous benefit to the grid operator.”

Duke Energy vice president of emerging technology, David Mohler, adds: “The Notrees project is a success story at taking forward-thinking innovation and creating business value. It shows that energy storage, as part of the ecosystem for delivering electricity, has an exciting future.”

Award winners were judged on services provided to the grid, financing options, ownership model, and technology strengths.


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