Duke Energy Acquires Solar Project

Duke Energy Acquires Solar Project

Duke Energy Renewables President Greg Wolf says, “Gato Montes is our fifth solar power project in Arizona in the past two years. In fact, we’ll have 37 MW of solar energy in production in Arizona by the end of the year, representing more than half of the 67 MW in our growing portfolio of solar projects nationwide.”

According to Duke the solar photovoltaic (PV) thin-film, amorphous silicon technology used in the Gato Montes project “is a first in the Duke Energy Renewables fleet. It is also unique at the UA Tech Park, where various solar projects are being tested under identical operating conditions to evaluate the most beneficial technology for solar energy production in the Southwest.”

Bruce A. Wright, UA associate vice president for university research parks, adds: “The Gato Montes installation is an excellent example of cutting-edge technology. We are proud of our partnership with this project as it complements the mix of solar technology showcased at the UA Tech Park’s Solar Zone.”

The Gato Montes Solar Power Project consists of 48,000 PV panels and is Duke Energy Renewables’ 12th wholly owned commercial solar project in the U.S. In addition to Gato Montes, Duke Energy Renewables has four other commercial solar projects in Arizona.

AstroSol received certification from the Border Environment Cooperation Commission and financial approval for a $12.3 million loan from the North American Development Bank to construct the project.

Duke Energy Renewables develops wind and solar energy generation projects for customers throughout the United States, including 13 wind farms and 12 solar farms in operation in nine states. For more information, visit http://www.duke-energy.com.

The Solar Zone is located at the UA Tech Park, which advances the University’s research mission and efforts at technology development and technology commercialization.

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