DOE Report Bullish on Wind Power

DOE Report Bullish on Wind Power

A new report from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) concludes that between technological advancements driving projected cost reductions and continued siting and transmission development, wind power can be economically deployed to provide renewable power in all 50 states.

The report also stressed the importance of wind in the US’s energy portfolio and outlines what actions are needed to realize the full economic and social potential of wind energy going forward. The main transition from the current US wind market would be the growth of offshore wind, which the report forecasts would supply almost 10 percent of the power. While common in Europe, offshore wind is in nascent stages in the US.

Dan Utech, White House deputy assistant to the President for energy and climate change, says, “Every year, wind becomes cost competitive in more states, and this wind vision report shows that all 50 states could have utility-scale energy by 2050. The United States is uniquely poised to accelerate development of this important resource and technology, and the report will help us continue to build on the strong progress we’ve already made.”

According to the DOE, “As a clean energy source, wind power could displace more than 12.3 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, equating to a global economic value of $400 billion. Additionally, growth in the wind sector could lower the cumulative electric sector expenditures by $149 billion by 2050.”

Under Secretary for science and energy Lynn Orr adds: “I’m happy to report that today, wind energy is at the cusp of cost-parity with other forms of energy that we use widely in our economy. The Department of Energy is prepared to take it all the way to the finish line.”

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