Corinex Teams with Genus on New Smart Meter

Corinex Teams with Genus on New Smart Meter

The first Indian meter vendor to employ such technology, Genus reports it is “well positioned to provide the Indian market with residential single- and three-phase smart meters, which can collect meter readings in near real-time within India’s complex heterogeneous network infrastructure.”

Genus meters will support the advanced smart grid applications such as encrypted communication of customer data, load management, peak shaving, and real-time energy theft detection.

JK Agarwal, vice president of Genus marketing and business development, says. “Our technical team was impressed by possibilities of Corinex communication technology. We made our choice for integration based on the field performance of Corinex AMI smart grid BPL network installed in Smart City Puducherry.”

Corinex senior vice president of marketing John Evora adds: “We are excited to support Genus as the leading Indian meter manufacturer. The plan is to bring the Genus BPL enabled meter, with BPL infrastructure supporting up to 40 Mbps speed, to the Indian market within three months.”

According to Genus, its smart meter will connect to a Corinex smart grid power line concentrator “embedded with smart grid functionalities. This product is a revolutionary step up from existing concentrators, enabling simultaneous BPL and PRIME/G3 communications on smart grid using DLMS/COSEM and/or ANSI communication standards to maximize device interoperability. This solution keeps options open for Genus to implement other power line technologies in their meter, if future market forces dictate.”

A broad portfolio of mobile data management systems will also be supported.



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