Cogenra Announces Largest US Rooftop Solar Co-Gen System

Cogenra Announces Largest US Rooftop Solar Co-Gen System

Unites States Congressman Mike Thompson and local business leaders were on hand to announce the project at Kendall-Jackson’s Wine Center. The power generated will be used to supply solar hot water and electricity to power the winery’s tank and bottle washing operations. The solar cogeneration system provides up to 60 percent of the building’s hot water needs, with the electricity powering lighting and cooling.

Kendall-Jackson’s Vice President of Sustainability, Robert Boller, says, “Our founder Jess Jackson was a trailblazer who made sustainability a core part of Kendall- Jackson’s DNA largely through innovation. We’re thrilled to take this leadership position with Cogenra by installing the largest rooftop solar electricity and hot water rooftop system to date and two upcoming installations at our other production sites. It’s a win for the environment and our bottom line.”

Cogenra partnered with local installer SunWater Solar to construct the array. In addition to this initial solar cogeneration project, Kendall-Jackson will install Cogenra arrays at their Vinwood estate in Sonoma County and an additional winery in Monterey County.

Cogenra Solar chief executive officer Gilad Almogy notes, “The wine industry, and especially Kendall-Jackson, has been leaders in the sustainability movement. Solar cogeneration is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most effective tools to maximize the impact of solar energy production to meet both electricity and hot water needs. We commend Kendall-Jackson for their sustainability leadership and look forward to deploying future projects.”

Kendall-Jackson is a Sonoma County-based family owned and operated winery. For more information, visit

Cogenra Solar is a distributed solar cogeneration company that combines photovoltaic electricity production and heat collection. For more information, visit

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