Chile Embraces Smart Meters

Chile Embraces Smart Meters

Eduardo Mora, Technology & I+D manager of CGE’s technology partner TECNET says, “We see this project as a vital provision for future business developments including a secure and steady supply of energy. We are proud to be one of the first in the Chilean energy industry to present an intelligent metering system to our customers. Among the system solutions that we studied the one from Kamstrup prevailed in usability and seemed to be the most future proof solution. Kamstrup shows a high degree of flexibility as they are able to customize the solution to our specific requirements.”

TECNET Loss Control Manager, Luis Aedo, explains, “The new metering system provides us with important features like tamper detection, voltage quality control, power limit control, grid loss control, and the possibility of registering locally produced energy which is being exported to the grid for example by photovoltaic panels. This is a major step towards a faster and more secure meter reading process and a smoother billing system which will allow us to provide a better service and free resources for other business goals.”

The wireless smart metering system allows for flexible tariffs, home automation, and multi-utility business.

Aedo adds: “A close mapping of the individual customer’s energy usage pattern will enable customized tariffs for the benefit of the customer who will experience monthly savings on the energy bill as a result and thus a strong motivation for changing his energy consumer behavior in a more efficient direction.”

CGE Group is one of the largest energy conglomerates in Chile, responsible for distributing 40 percent of the country’s electricity that serves more than seven million people.

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