Chicago association describes office building smart grid

Chicago association describes office building smart grid

For the program to work, entire buildings will have to be upgraded with digitized control systems, automated control systems, and variable speed motors.  Once the buildings are properly outfitted property managers will be able to respond more effectively to power grid conditions and signals from the energy market.

BOMA will help its member buildings reduce costs associated with the infrastructure upgrades through the use of the funds from the DOE.  The group will also allow buildings to apply for financing the new systems with repayment based upon revenues generated by the demand response activities.

“In the past, nearly all discussion of demand response and smart grid technology has centred on the utilities delivering grid intelligence,” said Michael Cornicelli, executive vice president of BOMA.  “For the first time, our program will demonstrate that demand side resources, such as our commercial buildings, can provide operating reserves, frequency regulation and capacity in wholesale grid markets.”

“Not only will our program help our members transform their electricity usage and spend, but the smart grid improvements will benefit all energy consumers and society as a whole by lowering energy costs and reducing carbon emissions,” Cornicelli continued.

Through the group BOMA International, BOMA is affiliated with 91 other local building associations located in every major North American city.  These associations have the potential to have a major impact on how energy is used within the commercial sector.

“A primary benefit of our plan is that it will provide a blueprint for how other cities, regions and states can deploy demand response technologies to transform their own markets,” added Cornicelli.  “Colleagues from across the country are ready to enthusiastically explore this approach should it prove effective in Chicago.  This affirms our confidence that our program would be a thoughtful and constructive use of federal stimulus money, providing more bang for the buck than any other program we have seen.”

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