CFE Extends Contract with ESCO for Expanding its AMI System

CFE Extends Contract with ESCO for Expanding its AMI System

CFE is Mexico’s single electric utility provider. It is presently using Aclara’s TWACS technology as part of its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project. This additional purchase provides an expansion in the implementation of Aclara’s pole-mounted and socket-type TWACS AMI solution in Acapulco, an important seaport lying in the service area of CFE’s South-Central Division. A crucial feature of this AMI deployment is the installation of in-home displays that will enable the utility to better its service through better communications.

This follow-on order is for the 90,000 additional meters written down as an option in the original contract made in December 2009 for around 90,000 units. The combination of these two purchase orders makes the biggest individual contract placed by CFE for a two-way AMI communications system, and makes Aclara the top AMI technology provider to the utility.

The AMI solution has several features including: asset modernization, remote meter reading, outage management, interval read capabilities, energy balance, voltage quality, customer service upgrades, aggregate demand, and other cost-saving and efficiency solutions. For utilizing these features, CFE is looking to install new metering end-points in many major cities in the country over the next several years.

In the initial competitive evaluation, Aclara’s technology was the only solution that was according to all of CFE’s technical specifications. TWACS showed that it can provide two-way communications with fast response over the present power lines and that it can be scaled to millions of end points. TWACS will be used by CFE for reading residential and commercial meters.

“It has been a great pleasure working on this AMI project with CFE as they continue to implement the TWACS technology,” stated Gary Moore, CEO for Aclara. “This follow-on order demonstrates CFE’s satisfaction with our proven technology and clearly enhances our strategic partnership with this progressive utility. We look forward to continuing a productive, long-term relationship with CFE as it moves forward with its efforts to implement AMI and Smart Grid Technology throughout Mexico.”

A proven, fixed-network solution, TWACS utilizes patented technology for transmitting data via power lines. Using this system, utilities can manage customer data and cut down costs in an effective manner while enabling innovation and providing superior customer service.

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