CES 2011 to Showcase Smart Energy Products

CES 2011 to Showcase Smart Energy Products

According to Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA, “The Connected Home Appliances TechZone is a natural extension of the CES show floor, with products designed to network and connect, improving the lives of consumers throughout the home.”

“We are creating this new area in response to strong demand from current and future CES exhibitors. Consumers want the ability to connect all aspects of their home, and with this desire comes the opportunity for CES exhibitors to showcase connected home appliances that will make consumers’ lives easier and more energy efficient,” he added.

AHAM President Joseph McGuire commented: “The home is an essential component to an effective smart grid. Smart appliances and consumer electronics will allow consumers to save money on their electric bill and use energy in a more environmentally friendly manner. Already a leader in energy efficiency and the smart grid, the appliance industry is paving the way with smart technologies for demand-response capable appliances.  In addition to smart grid enabled appliances, the pavilion will showcase other products and technologies that will appeal to savvy consumers.  The world’s leading technology trade show is the ideal venue for AHAM members and other appliance manufacturers to showcase these technologies and the connected home concept.”

The Connected Home Appliances TechZone will feature home appliances and innovative technologies capable of integrating with other electronics products for improve the health and productivity of consumers while reducing their impact on the environment.

According to Eliana Barriga, publisher, The Retail Observer, “The new Connected Home Appliance TechZone at CES is going to be an exhilarating addition for those in the appliance industry. Combining home integration with new innovations in appliance technology in a consumer electronics environment will set a new trend here in the U.S.”

“CES is an exciting venue for appliance manufacturers to form new relationships with the consumer electronics world and gain exposure to the market’s leading players within the industry. It will be a great show to bring both worlds together,” she added.

The 2011 International CES will take place from January 6 to 9, 2011 at Las Vegas Convention Center/Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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