Centrica’s Sustainability Recognized

Centrica’s Sustainability Recognized

Eight UK companies were included on this year’s index including: Sage Group (16), Centrica (26), Croda International (28), Electrocomponents (63), BG Group (71), LSE Group (81), BskyB Group (85) and Unilever (93).

Jeff Oatham, Centrica’s group head of corporate responsibility calls the ranking “a great recognition of our continued progress to embed sustainable thinking across the company. We are helping our customers save money while also cutting carbon emissions by working with them to reduce their energy use. It is solutions where the customer, environment, and the business benefit that will help us become a more sustainable company.”

On the consumer front, British Gas reports that nine out of ten customers polled say smart meters have helped them better manage their home energy use. The research also found that consumers are saving up to £75 a year since having smart meters installed.

Stuart Rolland, managing director of British Gas smart metering notes, “The results show that by seeing how energy is used through the home, you can make small changes that save you money. Whether it’s discovering how energy efficient the fridge is, or the cost of using the tumble dryer, we’re excited that the smart meter roll-out will make it easy for consumers to improve their energy efficiency.”


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