Blue Line and PlotWatt Partner on New Solution

Blue Line and PlotWatt Partner on New Solution

Blue Line Innovations Chief Executive Officer, Peter Porteous, notes, “This is a real game changer for homeowners. It has already been proven that displaying real-time energy data can help users achieve five to fifteen percent energy reductions. With no extra hardware cost or subscription fee, PlotWatt users can now see exactly how much key appliances are using, and perhaps even more importantly, users can see personalized, customized energy saving recommendations that can push those savings even higher. We have been test driving the PlotWatt dashboard for nine months and this is the real deal—the data is impressive but the results are even more impressive.”

PlotWatt recently won the GE Ecomagination Challenge, one of five winners selected from over eight hundred submissions.

PlotWatt’s cloud-based algorithms work by analyzing real-time electricity data and identify unique appliance data signatures, which can be used to report energy usage in kWhs or dollars for heating, AC, refrigeration, clothes dryer, and pumps.

Luke Fishback, PlotWatt CEO, is enthusiastic about the future. “It’s been an exciting time and we’re delighted to be partnered with Blue Line,” he said. “We started working on PlotWatt in 2008 armed with a Power Cost Monitor and a webcam. We set up our webcam to take a picture of a Power Cost monitor every 30 seconds. We digitized the readouts from those pictures and got to work on algorithms that would someday capitalize on the wealth of data such devices deliver. Today we’re making the results of that hard work available for free to Blue Line users everywhere. We like the Blue Line solution; they are the proven leader with lots of customers and a simple, accurate and easy to install technology. Together with Blue Line we can really help people to take a chunk out of their electricity bill.”

PlotWatt also notes that customers of Microsoft Hohm and Google PowerMeter, which will end their services within the year, can easily move their energy data to PlotWatt before the term expires.

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