BC Hydro Data Management System Operational

BC Hydro Data Management System Operational

With Itron MDUS, utilities have a flexible system to implement business processes, utilize smart meter data in existing processes, and enable new services.

BC Hydro’s Smart Metering Program Chief Project Officer, Gary Murphy, says, “The robust functionality of Itron MDUS, coupled with Itron’s participation in the SAP Lighthouse Council and pre-integration work with SAP, made Itron’s solution the clear choice. BC Hydro’s smart grid program required the use of SAP capabilities, which Itron MDUS supports. We see this release of Itron MDUS and its status as an SAP-qualified business solution as a commitment to help us achieve our program goals today and into the future.”

Itron reports that MDUS “has been developed and integrated in accordance with SAP development guidelines and has been certified for integration with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and has undergone solution qualification by SAP to meet additional criteria.”

By using Itron MDUS, utilities can support existing billing processes, develop new energy conservation and customer engagement strategies, and capture operational information to help optimize the electricity grid.

Matt Owens, Itron director of product marketing says that his company “is committed to making our customers successful by delivering end-to-end solutions. Our MDUS initiative and our larger partnership with SAP embodies this approach. Itron’s development has maximized the services MDUS supports to provide utilities access to the most comprehensive set of SAP for Utilities solutions capabilities on the market today.”

The SAP system, a collection of software that performs standard business functions for corporations, incorporates the concepts of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business process reengineering (BPR) into an integrated solution for business applications. It was developed and marketed by the German company SAP (Systems and Application Products.

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