HP Exec Calls Smart Grid Security an Afterthought

The rapid deployment of smart grids in the United States is a security risk said Ian Mitton, HP’s utilities industry director. Speaking at the company’s annual Executive Energy Conference in Dubai, Mitton said that security needed to be built-in and not added afterwards. “I guess our observation is that primarily security has to be designed in up-front and it is a little bit of an afterthought, and that does concern me in some ways. We could be heading for a world where the initial projects that are deployed think, Oh my goodness what about security?”

Minnesota Needs to up Its Energy Profile

A non-partisan think tank found that Minnesota needs to promote cooperation between government and industry to boost its green economy and stimulate job growth in the cleantech sector. Although Minnesota was quick to develop green energy technologies, it stands to lose ground domestically and internationally the states adopts new policies.

MET Laboratories Contracts to Test Texas Smart Meters

Navigant Consulting has contracted MET Laboratories to perform side-by-side accuracy testing for smart watthour meters in Texas. The testing is scheduled to begin this week.

Con Ed Chairman Addresses Shareholders

Con Edison Chairman and CEO Kevin Burke told shareholders that the world is going through rapid changes and utilities have to embrace new technologies and find new pays to power the planet. “Advances in technology are reshaping our customers’ lives and the energy industry,” he said, adding that energy efficiency is about “maintaining our customers’ lifestyle needs with less energy.”

Rappahannock Electric Selects SMART

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative has selected West Monroe Partners’ SMART reporting tool to enable mandatory Department of Energy (DOE) reporting as part of the cooperative’s $16 million Smart Grid Investment Grant. West Monroe Partners, a management consulting firm, will also help Rappahannock establish a project management office to supervise implementation of their smart grid initiative, which is funded in part by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

ITU Charged with Identifying Needed Standards

Information and communication technology (ICT) companies from around the globe have assigned a new International Telecommunications Union (ITU) group the task of identifying standards needs for the world’s new Smart Grid deployments. Such standards will bring the benefits of digital technology to the existing electricity network as well as much-needed efficiency and flexibility to power distribution.

New England Investing in Smart Grid

Maine and Vermont have announced separate smart grid projects. In the first, Maine’s Public Utilities Commission approved Central Maine Power’s proposed $1.4 billion power grid upgrade. CMP, the state’s largest electric utility, plans to build a new 345,000-volt transmission line, doubling the capacity of the grid’s backbone. It is the first major upgrade since 1971, and CMP says the improvements are necessary to keep the power grid stable beyond 2012. CMP spokesman John Carroll reported that the utility expects to get final permits from the Army Corps of Engineers soon and start construction in June ad will finish sometimes in 2015.

Hawaiian Electric to Buy Wind Power

Hawaii’s Public Utilities Commission has approved Hawaiian Electric Company to purchase renewable energy to be produced by the 30 megawatt Kahuku Wind Power energy project to be constructed on Oahu’s North Shore. Under the terms of the contract, Kahuku Wind Power will sell as-available renewable energy to Hawaiian Electric at predetermined prices for 20 years. The deal provides a safety net against fluctuating oil prices. Construction is scheduled to begin later this year.

Ontario Addresses Smart Grid Privacy

In her 2009 Annual Report, Ontario, Canada’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, calls privacy a crucial element of the Smart Grid being developed in the province. Ontario.

Acorn Acquires GridSense

Energy technology holding company, Acorn Energy, announced acquired 100% of GridSense Pty. Ltd.