Austin, Texas, to Host Smart Energy Summit

Austin, Texas, to Host Smart Energy Summit

Organizers of the Energy Thought Summit taking place this week in Austin, Texas, says the conference will focus on how smart grids are utilizing the latest monitoring and analytics technology to adapt to changing electricity demands.

At least 750 attendees are expected to attend the event on March 25-26 event, which will feature 175 energy experts. One of the scheduled keynote speakers is University of Minnesota professor of electrical and computer engineering Massoud Amin, who is also chairman of the IEEE Smart Grid and the Texas Reliability Entity. His presentation is expected to focus on smart grids and the role they’ll play in the future of the energy sector.

The Austin Business Journal reports that Amin believes Texas’ history in energy combined with its technology companies puts the state in a unique position to create ground breaking smart grid innovation.

Amin notes, “In Texas, we think of oil and gas. But Texas has huge potential [in smart grids]. In a nutshell, there’s a lot of brainpower focused on these issues. I think Texas could be the leader globally in energy infrastructure. If Texas can do it everyone else will be more motivated.”

The professor also suggests that political leadership has been less than motivated to drive the adoption of smart grid technology.

Amin adds: “We predicted it would take 10 years to do. It’s taken twice that time. The good thing is that it’s a nonpartisan issue. It’s about growing the economy.”

The event is sponsored by Austin-based Zpryme Research.

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