Advocacy Groups Seeks Injunction against Smart Meters

Advocacy Groups Seeks Injunction against Smart Meters

The Illinois Attorney General is currently investigating Naperville for alleged violations of the Open Meetings Act, which is designed to prohibit secret deliberations on matters that could impact the public.

NSMA Board Member Tom Glass, says, “An alleged Open Meetings Act violation associated with Naperville Smart Grid Initiative is a serious offense, and one that brings all decisions relating to this project into question. The city should not be allowed to move forward with this project,”

NSMA has urged the Naperville city council and the local utility for nearly two years to stop the smart meter deployment so residents could express their opinions and concerns.

Jen Stahl, a founding member of NSMA says the group was “hopeful that the city and utility leaders would take the referenda seriously. They have repeatedly said that only a small number of residents are concerned with this project. We showed them that is not the case.”

NSMA President Kim Bendis adds: “It was a difficult decision to file in federal court. We have worked tirelessly for months advocating for caution and informed consent. The council continuously disregarded our concerns. We urged them to heed the warnings from across the country and shared real time examples of communities that are questioning the wisdom of mandated smart meters. When that did not happen, we obtained over 4200 signatures and filed a referendum that would allow residents to vote on this project. There have been attempts to block the referendum and council has stated they will not take it seriously anyway. It has become clear that our city officials are no longer acting in the public’s best interest. They have failed to stop the project in the face of public outcry. Without adequate choice, we feel the council left us no other option.”

Councilman Bob Fieseler says he is not in favor of halting deployment unless the majority of residents vote to do so in March.

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