About Us

About Us

Part of the Voove Media Group, smartmeters.com aims to bring to you the latest news, views and information from those involved within the smart meter industry, SmartMeters.com is not a supplier or manufacturer of meters or metering technology, we do not favour any particular method or solution, what we embrace is the idea of what smart metering technology can do to reduce energy consumption. The sad fact is that while the world has undergone a technological revolution since the 1990s, our energy grids and services have either lagged behind or been entirely overlooked among the advancements made during this period.

It is well past time for the energy companies and the world’s governments to come together and recognise the need for change; to question our reliance on unsustainable energy sources; and more importantly, to do something about it.

We hope that by shedding light on the subject, citizens and governments alike will be moved to rectify the situation before it is too late. We have one world, it deserves our respect.

Why Smart Meters

Smart meters are the foundation of a smarter energy grid. Similar in size to the standard energy meters in use today, they record real-time energy usage and relay that information to the utility. They also record the energy fed back into the distribution network from co-generation sources such as wind turbines and solar panels

Thus, smart meters provide two valuable benefits that can improve —perhaps change forever — the way energy is consumed worldwide. They make it easier for consumers to become energy providers, thus encouraging them to do so, while also making the rest of us more aware of the energy we use in real-time so we can take immediate steps to reduce waste.

Location, Location, Location

SmartMeters.com™ operates from the Isle of Benbecula, a small island off the West Coast of Scotland. Benbecula has a long military history, having been established  as a British Army base in 1958 with a missile testing range in South Uist. QinetiQ now services the missile range and is the island’s main employer.

Our offices are located in the island’s former army personnel base.

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