ABB Named Most Valuable B2B Swiss Brand

ABB Named Most Valuable B2B Swiss Brand

ABB chief executive officer Ulrich Spiesshofer says, “We are very proud of this recognition as it shows the tremendous value we have built with our brand. It reflects ABB’s status as a world leader in power technologies. ABB’s technologies enable substantial energy savings, productivity gains in automation as well as a stable and smart power grid. The brand represents what we stand for: Power and Productivity for a better world.”

ABB’s portfolio of power and automation solutions helped save more than 400 teraWatt hours (TWh) in 2013, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 100 million EU households. The company is provides fast-charging infrastructure technology for electric vehicles. ABB invests around $1.5 billion annually in research and development.

Michel Gabriel, Interbrand Zurich managing director, adds: “Thanks to consistent brand management, ABB conveys an image of excellent technical quality and high performance, and clearly communicates its contributions to solving today’s global challenges. The role of brands in the B2B sector has increased continuously in the past few years because many companies have recognized that in highly competitive global industries, branding is one of the few mechanisms they can use to set themselves apart from the competition in the long term. So a strong brand is a definite competitive advantage.”



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